Trouble 2 -sleeping-

Well, today I find out that one of the biggest problems in my life is sleeping.
I’m in the middle of a week full of tests. That means I’ve got tests all the time.
Well, yesterday evening it was 11:30 pm, 
and I still had to learn for my biology test.
Well, I was so tired ’cause I usually stay up till 2:00 am.
So I was tired, and all the stories about the humans body in my book where so boring.
I was studying in bed, and in the meanwhile (because of laying down in my bed), 
my bed was very comfortable and not that cold anymore.
I decided to take a break and would read the rest of the biology information later.
So I was laying down, and I closed my eyes.
And without knowing, I felt asleep.
Suddenly – at 5:32 am- I was awake.
And I was thinking: ‘Shit!!! I’ve got to read a lot in my book before I’m finally finished.’
So what I did,
get my book and read and learn and read and learn.
It was the most boring time of my life.

Did this happened to you? Or do you have any funny stories about your side of studying a test? Pleassse write a comment!!!

I’m actually very happy, because it’s Friday.
I’m always in a good mood on Friday, do you?
T.G.I.F!!! (my mom doesn’t even know what that means!! *awkward* )
Right now, it’s 1:21 (in my country),
so I think I have to sleep.
Have a good night/day,
and I will see you in the comments??? 
Kisssesss Troubleagain.