Trouble 1 -love-

Hey readers, 
today I did some research,
and I found out that the biggest problem in the world,
(for my classmates), is love.
I bet you are worried about your love life  too, 
I mean, who isn’t?
And I have to agree, I’m in love too -of course-
It’s the boy-next-door, he’s my age and he’s really cute. 
I’m curious about your crush.
Please write a comment about the one you love. 
You can share your feelings with me.
Write what you like about him/her, and why he/she is so adorable. 

My blog is called troubleagain, and in every post I will tell you what my problem is.
Does it exist to have a no-problem life?

So, I’m going to check my boy-next-door’s Facebook photos!!
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I love you,