Trouble 6 -combination between shoes and snow-

It was snowing. The morning sucks.
I was getting on my bike, ready to go to school. 😦
The snow was thick and wet. It was the plan to jump on my bike,
but I missed the bicycle pedals and I landed in that stupid snow. -_-‘

I have to admit that my shoes aren’t that great.
The shoe is composed of many layers,
and it feels like some layer can fall off every time. :s

The snow was so thick, that some snow felt over my shoe, 
and went into a small hole,
and I could actually feel the snow in my sock! >_<
It was terrible!
On school I was asking to go to the toilet.
Then I put my shoe off, 
and I was drying my feet under the dryer that was normally used for drying your hands.
I had no feeling in my toe. :p

So, I guess this didn’t happened to you, 
but maybe you have other funny stories about something? XD
xxx Troubleagain.



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