Trouble 4 -bad marks-

Hi readers! 
Can you remember that I was studying for my biology test,
and I felt asleep?
Well, our school has some kind of site,
and you can see all your marks there.

I woke up on 11:46 am, went downstairs,
and my mom was standing there.
‘You have any idea what your biology mark is?’
I thought that the test wasn’t that hard,
so I said: ‘Euhm… between a 6 and a 7?’
No!!! I had a 3, 8!! I’m so sad right now… 😦
I know, in America you’ve got different marks.
Well, this is how it works in my country:
A – between 9/10
B- between 8/9
C- between 7/8
D- between 6/7
E- between 5/6
F- lower than a 5
So, 3, 8 = F….

Did you have a fail mark or do you have a story about something at your school?
Please leave a comment. 😀
So, I’m gonna be sad about my mark for a while,
Sad Troubleagain.


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