Trouble 3 -can’t sleep-

Hi everyone, it’s me again.
I said in the last blog that I was trying to sleep,
but you can guess, I can’t.
Did this happened to you too,
you know you have to sleep, but you just can’t?
I’m full of ideas now, I want to write them all in my blog!!
But I know that it’s too late for that…
So, you got any tips about falling asleep?
Well, I tried a few things:
-counting cows in my fantasy but actually they were annoying me.
-try to think about all the boys I like (including the boy-next-door…)
-I was singing a song but I think it was too loud…
-drinking some Coca Cola Vanilla (delicious!!) but that wasn’t smart  ’cause I had to brush my teeth again.
-1…2…3… and end with 1000. (You can guess I failed.)
So I guess I will try a few more things,
but please write some tips!!
Sleepless Troubleagain.



5 thoughts on “Trouble 3 -can’t sleep-

  1. haha counting cows?? when I can’t sleep, i’m listening to some music. *with my headphones on, because everyone is sleeping* and don’t listen to hard rock and stuff, but to peaceful songs. That will help

  2. This is a funny post! I love cocacolavanilla, but I’m too impatient to count to 1000 haha :p just try to think about your ‘boy-next-door’ you are saying that you’re in love with him all the time XD, just imagine a gorgeous place , moonlight, and you and your curshh, that will help 🙂

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