Trouble 7 -P.E.-

I’ve got a very stupid problem, 
I don’t like P.E.  -_-
Like yesterday we played soccer.
I’m afraid of the hard ball, it hurts a lot!
A boy in my class kicked the ball and the ball hit my face! 😮
I looked like an idiot, my face was red! 😉
But I’m a very strong girl so I tried not to cry. :p
I’m the only one who can’t kick the ball normally,
and every time the ball hits MY face!
OMG I’m so clumsy. :p

Are you afraid for something? Pleassee tell meee 😀Image



Trouble 6 -combination between shoes and snow-

It was snowing. The morning sucks.
I was getting on my bike, ready to go to school. 😦
The snow was thick and wet. It was the plan to jump on my bike,
but I missed the bicycle pedals and I landed in that stupid snow. -_-‘

I have to admit that my shoes aren’t that great.
The shoe is composed of many layers,
and it feels like some layer can fall off every time. :s

The snow was so thick, that some snow felt over my shoe, 
and went into a small hole,
and I could actually feel the snow in my sock! >_<
It was terrible!
On school I was asking to go to the toilet.
Then I put my shoe off, 
and I was drying my feet under the dryer that was normally used for drying your hands.
I had no feeling in my toe. :p

So, I guess this didn’t happened to you, 
but maybe you have other funny stories about something? XD
xxx Troubleagain.


Trouble 5 -visit your crush!-

Heey everyone! 🙂
In Trouble 1 I said that I was in love with the boy-next-door.
Today it’s his father’s birthday.
We will come around half past three,
and I have to look beautiful! 
I’m so excited! ❤ ❤
That stupid fail mark in Trouble 4? I think I’ll get over it.
I’m only thinking about my crushhhhh. 

And like I always said,
do you have a crush? did this happened to you? Have you been in this situation?
Then plzzzzzzzz comment! 🙂

xxxx In love Trouleagain ❤ ❤

Trouble 4 -bad marks-

Hi readers! 
Can you remember that I was studying for my biology test,
and I felt asleep?
Well, our school has some kind of site,
and you can see all your marks there.

I woke up on 11:46 am, went downstairs,
and my mom was standing there.
‘You have any idea what your biology mark is?’
I thought that the test wasn’t that hard,
so I said: ‘Euhm… between a 6 and a 7?’
No!!! I had a 3, 8!! I’m so sad right now… 😦
I know, in America you’ve got different marks.
Well, this is how it works in my country:
A – between 9/10
B- between 8/9
C- between 7/8
D- between 6/7
E- between 5/6
F- lower than a 5
So, 3, 8 = F….

Did you have a fail mark or do you have a story about something at your school?
Please leave a comment. 😀
So, I’m gonna be sad about my mark for a while,
Sad Troubleagain.

Trouble 3 -can’t sleep-

Hi everyone, it’s me again.
I said in the last blog that I was trying to sleep,
but you can guess, I can’t.
Did this happened to you too,
you know you have to sleep, but you just can’t?
I’m full of ideas now, I want to write them all in my blog!!
But I know that it’s too late for that…
So, you got any tips about falling asleep?
Well, I tried a few things:
-counting cows in my fantasy but actually they were annoying me.
-try to think about all the boys I like (including the boy-next-door…)
-I was singing a song but I think it was too loud…
-drinking some Coca Cola Vanilla (delicious!!) but that wasn’t smart  ’cause I had to brush my teeth again.
-1…2…3… and end with 1000. (You can guess I failed.)
So I guess I will try a few more things,
but please write some tips!!
Sleepless Troubleagain.


Trouble 2 -sleeping-

Well, today I find out that one of the biggest problems in my life is sleeping.
I’m in the middle of a week full of tests. That means I’ve got tests all the time.
Well, yesterday evening it was 11:30 pm, 
and I still had to learn for my biology test.
Well, I was so tired ’cause I usually stay up till 2:00 am.
So I was tired, and all the stories about the humans body in my book where so boring.
I was studying in bed, and in the meanwhile (because of laying down in my bed), 
my bed was very comfortable and not that cold anymore.
I decided to take a break and would read the rest of the biology information later.
So I was laying down, and I closed my eyes.
And without knowing, I felt asleep.
Suddenly – at 5:32 am- I was awake.
And I was thinking: ‘Shit!!! I’ve got to read a lot in my book before I’m finally finished.’
So what I did,
get my book and read and learn and read and learn.
It was the most boring time of my life.

Did this happened to you? Or do you have any funny stories about your side of studying a test? Pleassse write a comment!!!

I’m actually very happy, because it’s Friday.
I’m always in a good mood on Friday, do you?
T.G.I.F!!! (my mom doesn’t even know what that means!! *awkward* )
Right now, it’s 1:21 (in my country),
so I think I have to sleep.
Have a good night/day,
and I will see you in the comments??? 
Kisssesss Troubleagain.

Trouble 1 -love-

Hey readers, 
today I did some research,
and I found out that the biggest problem in the world,
(for my classmates), is love.
I bet you are worried about your love life  too, 
I mean, who isn’t?
And I have to agree, I’m in love too -of course-
It’s the boy-next-door, he’s my age and he’s really cute. 
I’m curious about your crush.
Please write a comment about the one you love. 
You can share your feelings with me.
Write what you like about him/her, and why he/she is so adorable. 

My blog is called troubleagain, and in every post I will tell you what my problem is.
Does it exist to have a no-problem life?

So, I’m going to check my boy-next-door’s Facebook photos!!
Don’t forget to subscribe!!! 
I love you,